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Why use Instagram Bots?
How Buffer is 10x better:

Organic Targeting

Get follower and engagement growth on Instagram, automatically. Buffer uses Instagram like and comment bots to help you target and organically interact with pages that have a high chance of following you back. As you continue to use Buffer, your growth and results will increase.

  • Hashtags
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Similar IG Accounts

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Live Growth Monitor

With Buffer Auto-Growth dashboard, you can see how our AI Engine is working on your account in real time. Monitor new followers, micro-interactions performed, sources, and more.

Buffer can also deliver your Auto-Growth reports directly to your email on-demand.

  • Live Results
  • Rich Growth Reports
  • Monitor Activity
  • Time Filters

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Get Real Followers

Unlike buying fake Instagram Followers and Likes that disappear after a few days, Buffer helps you build an organic and engaged follower base of Real People.

You need to attract the right users that actually care about your Instagram page and business - not fake bots.

  • Real People
  • No Bots
  • Follower Quality Scores
  • Recently Active Detection

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Instagram Audience Type & Quality
Engagement Analyses

Auto-Grow Engagement with our Instagram Like and Comment Bot

Your engagement grows as your followers and activity grows. Buffer uses Instagram like and comment bots to perform thousands of micro-interactions on your Instagram page everyday which creates activity that Instagram likes. As a result, your posts get more reach on the Explore page.

  • Engagement Growth
  • Real Activity
  • Increase Post Exposure
  • Micro-Interactions

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Safe and Scaleable Growth

With Buffer Auto-Growth, our primary focus is the safety and sustainability of your organic Instagram growth. We’ve implemented automatic growth analysis performed by our machine learning algorithm.

This helps keep your followers and engagements growing at a sustained rate while keeping your account safe.

  • Safe Growth Pattern Analysis
  • Engagement Rate
  • Instagram Algorithm Optimization
  • Engagement Pods

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